Commissioning our services is a simple three step process.

Using Skype, discuss, share and appraise your project together.

We’ll send you a proposal geared to meet your objectives

To sign off and kick start the project you’ll need to purchase time vouchers form our website which can be redeemed on a time used basis.

The flexibility of our voucher purchase scheme means you can bring us into the project as and when you need us, avoiding procurement delays or hardware installation and commissioning slippage.

If you are an AV Integrator or reseller, simply purchase a voucher on behalf of your client

When to contact us

As early on as possible! Whether you have a single screen or 100 node network contact us as early on as possible and we can give you insights you may not have considered.

AV and IT Integrators

Contacting us at the proposal stage is a great idea, enabling you to provide full DS solutions to your customers and not just a bunch hardware and software with an element of install revenue. We will provide you with a package you can put within your proposal, designed to ensure your customer gets the support they need to plan and implement going live. They will also have trained staff ready in the background to carry the project forward.

The Customer

Creating a communications strategy then your content plan are essential upfront planning tasks that should take place before choosing your digital signage hardware and software

Involving us early will give you insights you may not have considered. Buy-in at every level is crucial and there may be several people who need to be consulted. This may include marketing and communications, human resources, administration, web staff, department managers and your security team if you plan to use the system for alerts.

The aim is to devise a scheme of work that can be delivered smoothly and reliably, generating engaging content that remains fresh and complaint with best practise

We're very happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you have

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