Digital Signage

Dynamic On Stand AV Content Displays - Our Digital Signage solution built on the Spinetix System gives us access to advanced features and significant flexibility allowing us to make this non-interactive content medium more engaging. We want your visitors to turn on and really notice your AV panels standing out from the rest. Our solution allows us to make adjustments to the timings without having to re-produce any of the content itself. This means we can re-purposed existing assets and design a captivating show reel without expensive production time Visual interest can be further inspired by dividing your display canvas up into multiple zones allowing independent control over the content played in each section. Using a remote-control Sales staff can also easily interrupt the show reel, switching to presentation mode as they respond to a visitor on stand.
Digital Signage to display Real Time Visitor Voting - Connecting to other technologies we can build bespoke solutions for capturing visitor feedback, displaying the results live and real time on large format screens. In this demonstration you can see a mock up of a visitor voting bar, inviting delegates to taste over 20 food and drink products, expressing their vote using large push buttons located next to each item. Zoned Digital Signage was used to display live results, broadcast the call to visitors to join in, and promotional content from participating brands.

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