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Working with Organisers and Exhibitors our Digital Content Division creates interactive information experiences that allow your visitors through touch and self selection to take their own journey through your products or brand story. Customers can also be proactive in placing an order, requesting a meeting or literature, taking part in a quiz a survey or a competition. Standing out from the rest your content will be Engaging, Informative, Playful and most of all Memorable.

All too often visitors have large amounts of data pushed at them in a format and speed dictated by the exhibitor and normally through speech. This means levels of understanding and retention of information is very limited as people quickly tire and shut down to the linear presentation approach adopted by many sales staff.

Allowing your people to interact with visitors, to share key information through these platforms and to disseminate relevant data in the requested format is crucial.

Measuring who requested what in real time is hugely valuable for future content strategy and market research.

We also Animate Physical Products to allow visitors to select and handling items, triggering the display of context relevant media. In addition we use our on stand Digital Signage system to create dynamic show reels without costly production time, bringing the AV on your stand to life and significantly deepening the impact of your engagements beyond the spoken word

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